Lorette Trailer park still in limbo

Residents living in the Lorette Trailer park are still waiting for the municipality to make a decision pertaining to a subdivision proposal that could force them out of their homes and out of the community.

For the past two months, the RM of Tache has been considering a subdivision application that could see the current Mobile Home Park in Lorette divided into a 25 mobile home condominium development along with 2 separate Common Areas.

The matter was first brought to the table on February 15 at a public hearing and more than a dozen families stepped forward to request the municipality step in and prevent a numbered company from driving them out of their homes.

If the project is approved as proposed, all the residents in the Lorette Trailer park would be forced to relocate their mobile homes, along with the infrastructure connections so they conform to the new lot boundaries. Residents would then have the option of purchasing the lot but details on costs and fees have yet to be disclosed.

Paul Grossman is one of many residents opposed to the project.

“This would cost us thousands of dollars and we don’t even know how much the condo fees will be,” Grossman continued. “This project would require everyone to move their trailers and if we have to move them they become worthless or in some cases, fall apart.”

At the close of the hearing, the RM of Tache decided to send the proposal back to the LUD of Lorette to see if they would come up with a different solution. One idea initially proposed would have allowed the property owners to apply for variation orders to bring residents up to compliance without requiring them to actually disconnect their homes.

On March 6, the LUD of Lorette reviewed the proposal and comments made by residents. Despite the numerous objections, the LUD recommended the municipality approve the plan as presented instead of reverting to the less intrusive suggestion.

Instead of making a decision on the matter, the RM of Tache closed the hearing and decided to bring the matter back to the table at a later date.



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