Hovercraft team wins third

Nine students from Landmark Collegiate were recently awarded with certificates of excellence after they finished in the top three at a hovercraft competition at the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters’ Manufacturing & Trade Conference in March.

Over the winter months, the team of student under the direction of Teacher Ricki Tenhove created a radio controlled hovercraft out of a box of parts supplied to them. In January, the craft was put to the test at the University of Manitoba when over a 100 students raced their completed crafts. Despite some technical difficulty, the Landmark group finished in the top ten.

“We had some issues with our steering,” recalled grade twelve student Connery Friesen. “Over all we did really well and it was a lot of fun.”

The top ten teams then competed in the finals at the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters’ Manufacturing & Trade Conference in March at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. The final top three teams received Certificates of Excellence as well as Bursaries and Scholarships promoting continued learning. This was the first time that a team from Landmark has made it this far in the competition.

Tenhove noted the group did exceptionally well because the entire project was completed with the help of local sponsorship which became part of the learning process.

“We do not get funding for things like this so the students went to local businesses and collected sponsors, donations and created a business plan,” Tenhove stated. “The group even made a presentation to the Hanover School Division on the benefits of funding for programs like this for the smaller schools.”

While creating their hovercrafts, sstudents must use essential skills for work, learning, and life. They had to create a business plan and demonstrate the radio-controlled hovercraft they have designed and built for lift, load and propulsion to a panel of five judges. The Landmark team designed their hovercraft as a service craft that would deliver drinks to guests at an exclusive resort.

The annual hovercraft competition is sponsored by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Advanced Manufacturing Discovery Program. The program was developed to introduce high school students to manufacturing sectors. Working in teams, the students will design a radio controlled hovercraft.


The Landmark Collegiate Hovercraft team came home with a 3rd place finish, a first for the school after a recent hovercraft competition at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.


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