Chrysalis Fund ready for grant requests

Groups and organizations looking for a little extra funding are encouraged to send an application to the Chrysalis Fund.

The Chrysalis Fund has approximately $5,000 in grant money and the group now accepting applications for the 2011 grant funds to be disbursed.

Simone Penner, with the Chrysalis Fund says the group has been doing well since it started three years ago.

“The Chrysalis Fund is still going strong as ever and we are now ready to accept grant applications for this year,” stated Penner. “This women’s giving circle was established in spring of 2009 with 11 members and now, 3 years later, has 30 members.”

Organizations eligible for grants are not for profit groups that focus on promoting growth and positive change in children and youth of the Steinbach area. Grant applications can be picked up at the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce.  The deadline for application is June 15, 2012.

Established back in 2009, the Chrysalis Fund started as a group of a dozen women who gathered together in a new philanthropic venture through a non-profit giving circle. The members combine their money into a shared fund with each member contributed $1,000. Grants are then given out to various organizations from the earned interest.

The Chrysalis Fund meets twice a year to review and celebrate the impact granting has made, receive feedback from the organizations they’ve funded and to learn about new opportunities to give.

Local organizations looking for some support from the Chrysalis Fund can pick up an application from the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce office.   Anyone women interesting joining can make contact by emailing//


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