Tache leaves zoning changes up to residents

The RM of Tache is following the recommendation of the LUD of Landmark and allowing residents living along Landmark’s Main Street to revert their zoning back to residential at the municipalities expense.

Last month, the RM of Tache council was confronted by over a dozen homeowners from after it was discovered their properties had been rezoned allegedly without their knowledge. While the rezoning itself raised questions, residents are further outraged to discover the change may have compromised their homeowners insurance coverage.

As a result the RM of Tache requested the LUD of Landmark revisit the issue. The LUD recommended that residents wishing to have their property’s zoning reverted back to residential could apply for the change on an individual basis. The RM of Tache accepted this recommendation and is allowing all residents along Landmark’s Main Street with property zoned commercial to change the zoning back to residential.

Heddie Penner, who first discovered the zoning change and raised the red flag is pleased that council is listening to the residents.

“At least the people of Landmark got their houses back,” Penner stated. “If I hadn’t discovered what I did and went after this, no one would have known – it’s wonderful they got their homes back.”

Tache Mayor Bill Danylchuk says his council listened to the people by allowing the change back to residential and all they have to do is apply for the change. It will be up to the individual homeowner to decide if they want their properties reverted back to residential.

The RM of Tache has also municipality waived all costs associated with the change.

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