St. Malo couple rescues bear cub

A family from St. Malo is finding themselves the center of attention after they found and rescued a four week old bear club.

Rene Dubois was on his way to run an errand when he discovered the newborn black bear cub struggling to survive in a ditch.

“I was going on Highway 218 about three miles sound of here and I saw him in the ditch,” Dubois recalled. “He was very weak – I couldn’t just leave him there.”

Packing up the little back bundle, Dubois took him home where he and his wife have been nursing the baby back to health.

“I went on the internet and did some research and we’ve been feeding him baby milk, high in protein,” Dubois explained.

The couple named the baby Makoon which means “Little Bear” in Ojibwe.

“It will be sad to see him go,” added Dubois who admits he’s fallen in love with their tiny charge. But they realize that he will grow bigger and needs to go to a more appropriate home.

The Dubois’s contacted the Department of Natural Resources and are waiting for them to take the baby, possibly to the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre located in Ile Des Chenes.

Meanwhile, the Department of Conservation does not recommend people take in lost or orphaned wildlife. Each year the department receives thousands of phone calls from people who have found infant wild animals that they believe are orphans. On average 500 injured or orphaned baby animals were admitted to the center, of which 80% were “unnecessary orphans.”

This little guy has a new chance at life after he was found weak and dying in a ditch south of St. Malo by Rene Dubois.


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