Queen no fairy tale to tots

The Arts for Tots program in Steinbach are thrilled to have received a response from the Queen of England after they sent her a letter to wishing her a happy 50th anniversary as sovereign.

In early March, Arts for Tots instructors Treena Gosbee and Miss Butler told their pre-school students that it was Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

According to Shannon Neufeld, from the Steinbach Arts Council, the students replied in disbelief “Oh Miss Treena, that’s a fairy tale.”

To prove the Queen was real, at the urging of Gosbee and Butler, the preschoolers composed a congratulatory letter to her Majesty. Much to their surprise and pleasure, she actually replied.

“How do you open a letter from royalty?” Gosbee asked.

The letter was read out loud to the students then carefully famed to be hung in the Arts for Tots Preschool Classroom.


The Arts for Tots program in Steinbach was thrilled when they received a letter from the Queen of England. 



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