New business centre opens in Ste. Anne

The Town of Ste. Anne along with South Eastman Health recently celebrated the grand opening of a new bilingual centre located within the community.

The event, which took place on March 22 celebrated the completion of the Town of Ste. Anne’s office and a bilingual service centre. The business centre which will provide information on provincial and community services in the Town of Ste. Anne was made possible with a partnership between the Town of Ste. Anne and South Eastman Health.

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger was on hand for the opening.

“Whether it’s an urban or a rural setting, we want people to have easy access to government information in French and English,” stated Selinger.

South Eastman Health Chairperson Guy Levesque says the local health authority is pleased to have successfully partnered with the community to see this project come to fruition.

“This is a well designed, practical centre that gives the community access to a wide range of important services including health services in French and English,” Levesque added.

The new bilingual access site is located within the new town office in partnership with the regional health authority and provides a single‑window access and referrals to a wide array of business and employment information, and services. Users have access to provincial staff from Francophone Affairs Secretariat, Manitoba Family Services and Consumer Affairs, Manitoba Conservation, Manitoba Water Stewardship and Employment Manitoba.

The bilingual service centre can provide access to permits and licences; birth, marriage and death certificate applications; financial programs and employment opportunities. Other services include employee recruitment and training tools; health and child-care options; public access to computers; and provincial park information.

There are currently five bilingual service centers established in the province, including one in St. Pierre. The Red River Region Bilingual Service Center has been open since 2002.


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