Lorette chiropractor appeals sentence

A chiropractor from Lorette sentenced to six months jail time and ordered to pay Revenue Canada five years of back taxes is appealing her sentence.

Two months ago, a judge sentenced fifty-three year old Rosalie Chobatar, also known as Rosalie Pellissier, to six months jail time and ordered her to pay Canada Revenue Agency $162,00 in back taxes.

In appeal documents filed the last week of March, Chabator accuses the federal prosecutor of misconduct, saying there was a “lack of disclosure” of Crown evidence. She also claims she wasn’t given a chance to rebut the prosecutor’s allegations.

Chobator is seeking a new trial and the Crown to hand over all documentation pertaining to her “alleged crimes”.

Canada Revenue Agency took Chobatar to court after her returns from 2002 to 2007 were red flagged because she was reporting “nil” as her income and signed her returns with “to the best of my knowledge without understanding. The CRA investigation determined that her actual income for that period was $802,280 and that the Federal income tax being evaded totalled $162,513.

While Chobator’s case is unique because she is the first Manitoban in recent history to receive jail time for not paying her taxes, it was her court behaviour that brought the most attention to her trial. During her trial, court heard how Chobatar allegedly had links to anti-tax crusaders claiming they don’t have to pay income tax or recognize the authority of the courts.

At her sentencing on February 28, she protested the judge’s decision and authority as she was being taken into custody.

“With all due respect, I do not accept this offer,” Chobotar told the judge as sheriffs detained her. “This offer is not accepted.”

As part of her appeal, Chobator submitted a letter to the court, demanding $10 million in pay for serving any sentence of the court.

An appeal hearing is scheduled to take place April 12.


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