Dog adoption fair coming to Niverville

A truck driver from Niverville is proving that when it comes to four legged creatures, he is a big softy. Barry Piasta is hosting a special event in May where he hopes rescued dogs from several organizations across southern Manitoba will find their forever homes instead of languishing in a rescue somewhere.

On May 12, Piasta is hosting the first ever Niverville Dog Adoption Fair. Located at the Niverville arena, the fair will bring together adoptable animals from ten rescue shelters from throughout the region.

“Last fall on the local buy and sell, I noticed about ten people getting rid of their dogs for various reasons; most had obedience issues,” explained Piasta. “So, I started offering to help people train their dogs free of charge just to keep these animals from being given up through no fault of their own.”

Piasta says nothing bothers him more than hearing that someone gave up on a dog instead of taking the time to train them properly.

“People don’t seem to realize there is no such thing as a bad dog but there are many dog owners who don’t take the time to properly train their animals and the animals suffer for it,” Piasta continued. “Then I noticed all these shelters with pets available – I want people to be aware there are all sorts of dogs and puppies that need homes and you don’t need to go to a breeder.”

While Piasta has no issues with breeders, he does have a problem with the belief dogs are worthless or hard to train because it isn’t a purebred.

“If you call any breeder they will turn around and tell you that their dogs are purebred and easier to train and are better dogs – that isn’t true,” Piasta added. “I am doing this for the dogs – if a few dogs find their forever home then it will be worth it.”

Not only is the purpose of the event to find homes for dogs, but it is also an opportunity to educate and have fun. There will be a question and answer period with a vet, trainer and groomer, promotions for spay and neuter, a pet photographer, and displays all related to pet care and products.

Rescue shelters confirmed to be attending the event are Manitoba Mutts, Manitoba Underdogs, Safe Haven, Great Pyrenees, Manitoba Pug, Winnipeg Boxer Rescue, Hulls Haven Border Collie, German Sheppard Rescue, Winnipeg Animal Services and Winnipeg Humane Society.



Barry Piasta is hosting the first ever Niverville Dog Adoption Fair with hopes that others will experience the same joy he has since rescuing Taffy and Charlie.



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2 responses to “Dog adoption fair coming to Niverville

  1. Terri Wagner

    I will be attending the adoption with my daughters and we are looking for a female, when full grown no more than 12 – 15 lbs. Breed not really an issue, just want good temperment and she will gets lots of love. Could you tell me what time the fair starts? I heard small dog rescue will be attending too. Is this true? I am so excited that I will not tell my daughters until that day!!!

    Thank you,


    • Hi Terri, from what I hear there are now 14 rescues coming in for the day. The event starts at Noon and runs until 4. There will be a new story on it next week in our upcoming issue which will be available in Niverville on Thursday and on this site Friday.
      And yes, Manitoba small dog rescue are confirmed to be attending