Dawson Trail Dispatch writer publishes first book

After fifteen years as head writer for the Dawson Trail Dispatch, Marianne Curtis has expanded her horizons and penned her first book, a memoir called Finding Gloria.

Set in southern Manitoba, Finding Gloria chronicles the author’s life from birth, when she is given up for adoption to finding her birth mother forty years later. Spanning four decades, the memoir retells how she escaped a childhood filled with physical and emotional abuse only to spend the next quarter century trying to find herself amid the rubbish.

It was a painful, yet rewarding project, stated Curtis.

“This book is my healing process – a few years ago I hit rock bottom after years of hardship and failures; I was done with life,” says Curtis. “It is really hard to describe how messed up things were in my head after hearing for decades that I was a mistake and would never amount to anything.”

It wasn’t until penning her first draft that Curtis was able to see the big picture.

“Some people will say, you made your choices, get over it; I’d like to tell them yes, I made my choices but most of them were made out of pure desperation and lack of other options,” Curtis noted. “If I had been taught to believe in myself and that my life meant something from the start, I am pretty sure my choices would have been very different but these are things I had to learn over the years, on my own, many times by falling flat on my face.”

Curtis hopes that her story will help others. Readers will be moved to tears as they follow the writer’s many struggles and triumphs as she fights to overcome her abusive beginnings.

“I want readers to read the book and realize that no matter how horrible life may be, you can survive, you just have to fight and believe things were not meant to be this way,” Curtis added. “I know people currently so depressed they can’t see themselves move forward – I was there at one point – I went from wanting to give up and die to discovering my life had a purpose.”

Finding Gloria can be pre-ordered by contacting the Dawson Trail Dispatch or online at mariannecurtis.wordpress.com. It is also be available on Amazon.com.  An official book launch is scheduled to take place at the Highway 206 Grill in Landmark at 7:30 PM on May 1.


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