Carriere heads to Indeonisia

After spending the winter preparing, an Ile Des Chenes man is on his way to conquering his fourth highest mountain in the world.

On April 2, Dean Carriere will be on his way to Papau, Indonesia to take on the 16,023 foot high Carstensz Pyramid. The Carstensz Expedition as part the mountaineer’s dream to climb all seven of the world’s highest mountains.

“This will definitely be an Indiana  Jones style of climb and experience,” stated Carriere a few days before he left. “I will be back near the end of April.”

The Carstensz Pyramid, located in Papua New Guinea, is a large limestone escarpment jutting out above the rainforest. It is considered to be one of the most remote of the seven summits.

According to Carriere, the journey consists of a trek through the wet rainforest jungle for 5 days to get to the base and 5 days to return. The rock climbing difficulty on Carstensz is up to 5.8 for short steps, but most of the climbing is scrambling.

“It is important that you have basic rock climbing skills and are comfortable with rappelling and jumaring,” Carriere continued. “In the past climbers have been faced with many obstacles – they include the impassable jungle, the confrontation with tribes and problems with the guerilla freedom movement.”

The presence of the world’s largest goldmine (Grasberg), the unwillingness of Freeport of Indonesia, the never ending bureaucracy and insistance of having the number of necessary permits, make climbing the mountain a daunting task, Carriere noted.

Carriere has already proved to be up to the challenge. To date he has reached the summits of Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro and Denali.  In July he plans to conquer Elbrus in Russia, in December Vinson Massif in the Antarctica and Everest next year.

Anyone wanting to be part of this excited adventure can check out Dean’s progress and plan at

Ile Des Chenes’ Dean Carriere takes on a mountain. 


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