Toews responds to twitter attack

By Marianne Curtis

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae has admitted a Liberal staffer was behind the Vikileaks30 Twitter account that aired details of Provencher MP Vic Toews’s divorce in retaliation for an online surveillance bill, and that the staffer has resigned.

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae named staffer Adam Carroll as the culprit behind the Vikileaks30 Twitter account that surged into public prominence in the wake of the tabling of new legislation earlier this month that would have allowed increased police surveillance of the Internet and those who use it.

A string of tweets posted online offered up alleged details relating to Toews’s divorce proceedings. The tweets were posted directly in response to the tabling of the government’s online surveillance bill.

It was alleged Carroll was upset with recent comments by Toews suggesting a link between opposing the online surveillance bill and siding with child pornographers — as well as Conservative MP Larry Miller’s speech comparing those opposed to the long-gun registry with Nazis.

Toews accepted a public apology from Rae however, he also noted that some Liberal MPs had been encouraging the public to participate in personal, online attacks on him, and he asked the Speaker to look into that issue separately.

“While I’m prepared to take (Rae’s) comments at face value that he had nothing to do with it,” Toews said, “I think the evidence is clear on the public record that there was at least one member who advocated on a continuous basis the use of that.”

Meanwhile, the government asked House Speaker Andrew Scheer to investigate a series of videos directed at Toews by an online hacker group called Anonymous. The videos promised further action unless the minister backed off of the online surveillance bill.

“Various allegations about my private life, but also made specific threats, all of which was clearly stated to be in reaction to my sponsorship of proposed legislation tabled in this House, namely bill C-30,” stated Toews. “”I will continue to do my duties and carry out my responsibilities in respect of this piece of legislation.”

As for his personal life, Toews maintains that his previous marriage remains private despite the very public outings on twitter.

“I have never responded publicly to the specific allegations made in these affidavits nor will I ever do so,” Toews says. “I will be fully accountable for any responsibility that I bear for the breakdown of my previous marriage but that accountability is not something I owe to the public generally or to my political opponents in particular.”

He further admits that he has remarried and has a young son.

“I do want you to know that I have a spouse and a young son who I love more than life itself,” Toews concluded. “The personal attacks, criminal acts and threats of future criminal acts against me will not dissuade me from carrying out my responsibilities as an elected Member of the House of Commons and as the Minister of Public Safety for Canada.”

A Liberal staffer has admitted to setting up and disclosing details about MP Vic Toew`s personal life on Twitter.  


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