Stabilization unit opens in Steinbach

By Marianne Curtis

On February 23, South Eastman Health officially opened the doors to a new Crisis Stabilization Unit in Steinbach.

According to Deb Taillerfer, from South Eastman Health, the new facility will be a community environment with a series of services located conveniently under one roof.

“Services at 450 Main will be a great addition to the currently available mental health and well being services in the South Eastman region. South,” Taillerfer explained. “ It will be a short-term stay community based setting for up to 8 adults. It will provide an environment where people can restore balance in their lives and reconnect to their communities.”

The opening of 450 Main is in response to community support for an expanded range of mental health services for all South Eastman citizens, located closer to home.

The facility, which is located at 450 Main Street in Steinbach is staffed with nurses, social workers and occupational therapists twenty-four hours a day. People needing assistance can check in voluntarily check into the facility. They are assessed, discussions are held and options are presented to the individual. When the doors open there will be eight available beds which are expected to allow a recovery period of a couple of days as a client needs.

Persons experiencing an emotional/life crisis, such as relationship difficulties, overwhelming stress, a significant loss, increased sadness, or hopelessness will be provided professional supports such as: focused counseling sessions with 24/7 services available; group sessions (educational, skill-based, treatment support); links to other relevant health and services; and follow-up upon return to their home in community.

South Eastman Health’s Community Mental Health Program has been offering a range of crisis response services since 1995. Services at 450 Main will add supports which are responsive, flexible and tailored to individual needs.



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