Ride for breast cancer group changes focus

By Marianne Curtis

A group of volunteers who brought the Wild Pink Yonder Ride for Breast Cancer to Manitoba this past year for the first time has changed their focus for the upcoming riding season from research to helping patients personally.

Pam Glover, from Ste. Anne, was been instrumental with bringing the fundraising trail ride from Alberta to Manitoba soil. In September 2011, Glover along with several other individuals took to the trails for three weeks visiting various communities on horseback while raising money for breast cancer research.

“For the last three years I have dedicated seventy-five percent of my time to working to raise funds for breast cancer research,” explained Glover. “This year I have worked with many people to form a new group called Helping Hooves.”

Helping Hooves is an evolution of an idea that came from a discussion with a group called Helping Hands. Helping Hands provides monetary assistance to women and men in Manitoba who are experiencing financial difficulties while undergoing treatment and follow up for breast cancer. Examples of expenses covered include uninsured medications and treatments, transportation, room and board, child-care, wigs, lymphedema garments and treatments. Helping Hooves will help fund these items by hosting horse friendly events that will bring out people in all walks of life.

“This year we are not doing the three week long trail ride,” Glover continued. “We want to keep it simple and get our footing in the province, gearing up to a big ride for the summer of 2013.  Plans are already in the works for that ride.”

Instead of a fundraising ride, Helping Hooves will host a number of smaller events such as tack sales, flea markets, horse shows, trail rides, and barbeques. Some events have already been booked while others are still in the planning stages.

“It will be an action packed summer for sure,” Glover noted.

If anyone has ideas for fundraising in their area or would like to invite the group to their event, contact Pam Glover at 204-422-8076 or email her HelpingHooves1@hotmail.com.


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