Lorette residents oppose condo development

By Marianne Curtis

More than a dozen families living in a trailer park located in Lorette are hoping the RM of Tache will step in and prevent a numbered company from driving them out of their homes.

At a recent RM of Tache council meeting, nearly a dozen residents spoke out against a proposal by Tacium Vincent Orlikow law firm who owns the 2.7 hectare trailer park in Lorette. The company put forward a proposal that if approved would see the trailer park subdivided into a condominium development with 25 separate units with two common areas.

Paul Grossman spoke against the project at a public hearing on February 15. If approved all the residents in the Lorette Trailer park would have to lift up their trailers and move them along with the infrastructure connections to fit within the new lot boundaries. They would then have the option of purchasing the lot but details on costs and fees have yet to be disclosed.

“This would cost us thousands of dollars and we don’t even know how much the condo fees will be,” Grossman continued.

“This project would require everyone to move their trailers and if we have to move them they become worthless,” Grossman told council. “This proposal does not give people a place to live it is a way to make money.”

He also noted that there was a group in the park that would love to own their own land on which the trailers sit and suggested that the owners look at that instead of forcing everyone to move.

David Vincent, one of the partners in the proposal explained his group put a proposal before council several years ago that would have allowed the company to subdivide the park but left homes sitting in current locations.

“We put a proposal forward three years ago but this council turned it down; we applied for variances for each lot but council rejected them due to the sizes,” explained Vincent. “Council said the lots were not big enough but residents were already living on those lots; if council approved the variances then we would go back to that plan.”

Several other residents spoke out against the project before the RM of Tache closed the hearing. Council decided to delay making a decision until they look into the proposal further and give the applicants a chance to amend their application. The matter will be brought back to the table at the March 15 meeting.


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