Housing complex construction progresses in Sprague

By Marianne Curtis

Over the past few months, construction crews have been busy framing out the structure that will soon become a fifteen suite elderly persons housing unit in Sprague.

Construction of the elderly persons housing (Part 1 of the PHASE III) started in October, 2011 and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2012.

Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation (MHRC) has committed to funding and financing the bulk of construction cost; Land for the project has been provided by the Regional Health Authority; and EBCH has provided a community contribution of $275,000. The project also received $3.4 million from the Governments of Canada and Manitoba. Additional seed funding was provided by CMHC in the form of a $10,000 interest-free loan and a $10,000 grant to assist during the initial project planning stages.

The complete East Borderland Community Housing PHASE III project includes a personal care home, supportive house/swing Beds and elderly persons’ housing. The EPH building will include affordable single and double bedroom units, as well as a common activity space, and be available to both seniors and disabled persons.

It is estimated that approximately 24 new full time jobs, valued at $1 million per year will be created in the R.M. of Piney.

As of the beginning of February, the walls are up on the new East Borderland Community Housing project.

Provencher MP Vic Toews, La Verendrye MLA Dennis Smook, South Eastman Health Chairperson Paul Campbell and Ken Harder review the progress of the East Borderland Community Housing Project in Sprague.


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