Census results show population boom throughout southeast

By Marianne Curtis

At the beginning of February Census Canada released the latest numbers based on last spring’s census survey and local politicians are pleased with the overall results.

Provencher MP Vic Toews was pleased with the numbers that show that his riding has registered a strong growth trend.

“The new Census numbers show continued strong growth in many areas of Provencher over the past five years,” stated Toews. Provencher lead the way in Manitoba with a growth rate of more than 12 percent.

“I’m pleased to see the strong growth here in Provencher, and indeed in many areas of the province,” said MP Toews.  “Immigration, which has always been a sustaining feature of Canada’s history and continues to play an important role in building our country, has played a large role in this growth.”

Throughout the southeast there has been significant growth but the biggest change was in the RM of La Broquerie which saw a 42 percent increase in population. The RM of Hanover was the next in the list with a less significant 18.2 percent increase although it was higher than expected, stated Reeve Stan Toews.

“We always plan on somewhere around ten per cent,” stated Toews.  Toews was part of a push by the local mayors and reeves to fill out their census papers because it pays out in tax dollars returned to a community.

Locally, the City of Steinbach came in third in overall growth over the four year period however with a 22 percent population increase it becomes the third largest city in Manitoba. The Town of Niverville saw the most growth last year with a 43.7 percent increase in population making it the fastest growing town in all of Manitoba.

While the majority of municipalities saw some growth, three municipalities had a decrease in population. The RM’s of Reynolds, Stuartburn and Piney saw decreases ranging from -8.9 percent to -2 percent respectively.

Municipality 2011 2006 Change
La Broquerie 5,198 3,659 42.1%
Hanover 14,026 11,871 18.2%
Tache 10,284 9,043 13.2%
Ritchot 5,478 5,051 8.5%
Ste. Anne 4,686 4,509 3.9%
De Salaberry 3,450 3,349 3%
Reynolds 1,285 1,410 -8.9%
Stuartburn 1,535 1,629 -5.8%
Piney 1,720 1.755 -2.0
 Community  2011  2006 Change
Niverville 3,540 2,464 43.7%
St. Pierre 1,099 839 31%
Steinbach 13,524 11,066 22.2%
Ste. Anne 1,626 1,534 6%

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