Work begins on Hadashville bible camp

In mid December, construction crews moved in an started clearing the trail for a new bible came to be constructed near Hadashville.

According to General Manager George Hill, the earth was moved to give access to the site where the Living Bible Explorers Ministry will be located. The ministry is creating a permanent year round bible camp on River Lot 14-8-12E, near Hadashville.

In December, a 1.2 kilometre road was built into the 100 acre site and some landscaping was done around the lake area.  With eighty areas of untouched forest, the camp will focus on stewardship in the environment.

Plans include a large 5-8000 square foot lodge that will be the centre of all camp activity approximately 300 to 400 meters from the Whitemouth River. Six cabins will eventually be located in a semi circle close but some distance from the Lodge. Several other buildings to be used for teaching will be added, along with several homes for staff members will be built.

Living Bible Explorers is a ministry for children with over fifteen years of successful camping programs. The camp proposed would bring children ages 6-16 to a camp facility in Hadashville where they can develop long term relationships and learn an appreciation for the area, facility and environment.

Hill hopes to have the camp operation early in 2013.


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