Man in Motion tour passes through region

By Marianne Curtis

On January 17, several communities along the Trans-Canada Highway were treated to a spectacular presentation as the Rick Hansen “Man in Motion“ twenty-fifty anniversary tour went through the region.

Runners crossed the border into Manitoba from Ontario during the morning carrying a medal made by the Royal Canadian Mint that is being passed across Canada towards the west coast to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Hansen`s original tour.

Despite the bone chilling temperatures, medal bearers were all smiles and full of energy as they proudly participated in the once in a lifetime opportunity.

Jonas Desrosiers, one of several medal-bearers says participating in the event changed his perspective.

“What Rick Hansen has been saying for years is, ‘One person can make a world of difference’, and it really hit me in that moment that it’s true,“ stated Desrosiers.

Jonas Desrosiers and Michele Broadhurst kick out in synchronisation as they exchange the Rick Hansen Relay Medal in Ste. Anne, Manitoba.


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