Ile Des Chenes man pushes the limits

By Marianne Curtis


An Ile Des Chenes man with a unique love of heights was recently recognized as a sport star of the week for his love of pushing the limits. In about two months, Dean Carriere will be launching an expedition that will see him conquer seven of the world’s highest mountains.

While Manitoba fails to have the peeks needed to launch a mountaineer, Carriere has turned his prairie landscape into a circuit of training exercise in preparation the Carstensz Expedition. He will travel to Papau, Indonesia to take on the 16,023 foot high Carstensz Pyramid.

“Years ago, I decided to climb in Peru. With some training and minimal knowledge of mountaineering this journey was a success,” recalled Carriere. On February 14, 2009, he summated Mount Aconcagua and knew at that moment there were no limits.

“The challenge of mountaineering offers me a chance to learn about myself and escape the parameters of today’s modern society,” states Carriere. “Mountains offer a place of richness and comradeship that can be found only in a few places on earth.”

Carriere is currently preparing for the expedition to the Seven Summits, the highest mountain peaks on each of the seven continents which is a very challenging endeavour.

“Mountaineering, is a combination of trekking, climbing and camping combined with inclement weather and high altitude conditions,” explained Carriere. “At every corner and with every step the unknown danger lurks, and this is why training is of paramount importance to the success of each expedition.  I must be able to deal with internal and external factors that the mountain will present.”

Carriere has already proved to be up to the challenge. To date he has summited Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro and Denali.  “Through the support of my sponsors my goal is to complete Carstensz, Elbrus, Vinson and Everest by 2013,” he added.

Part of the challenge to reaching his goal, is raising the funds needed for the costly expedition. Estimated costs include guide fees that range from $5,200 for Mt. Elbrus, $15,900 for Carstensz Pyramid, $38,000 for Vinson Massif and $59.000 for Everest. In addition there is need for gear and travel expenses.

“My desire to complete the Seven Summits is evident; funding to reach my goals is essential, helping me to move one step closer to every summit,” he added. Anyone wanting to be part of this excited adventure can check out Dean’s progress and plan at



Ile Des Chene’s resident Dean Carriere stands triumphantly at the top of the mountain as he pushes the limits as part of an expedition of a lifetime which will see him climbing all seven of the world’s highest mountains.


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