Bethesda ER project goes to tender, again

South Eastman Health has been granted approval to proceed with a major construction project at the Bethesda Hospital in Steinbach.

According to John Stinson, Chief Executive Officer for South Eastman Health, the province has given the green light to put the project to tender.

The renovation project consists of two portions. The first will see the complete redevelopment of the front entrance.

“The emergency room and the hospital will each have their own entrance,” explained Stinson.

The emergency department itself will not only receive a much needed facelift, but it will be divided into two unique areas as well.

“There will be one stream for less urgent care where people can come in and be seen,” Stinson added. “There will also be a high acute area where people will be directed when they come in by ambulance.” In that area, the staff will be able to better deal with cardiac issues and situations at a higher level than in the past.

This is the second time that this project has gone to tender in the past few months. Last fdall, the project went to tender but only one company responded. The province recommended that South Eastman beak the project down further. A smaller project which consists of renovating the main floor of the Community Services Building into a temporary emergency room is well underway and will be complete by the end of April.
The larger project (the entrance and emergency room reconstruction) will officially be on the tender block February 7.

“We’d like to put a shovel in the ground May 1,” Stinson stated.

The entire project is expected to hit upwards of $20 million before it sees completion. Construction will take place over two years and the new emergency room is expected to open in the summer of 2014.


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