Opinion – Winter is Here – Don’t be SAD

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By Marianne Curtis

With the Manitoba overcast sky above, the blustery winds and the trees now barren of leaves, how difficult it is for many to keep the inner fires burning. Many become SAD. That is, many may develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

For those who turn within and become SAD with the coming of the cold, dark months the consequences can be very severe. For many years I could not figure out why by the time January and February rolled around I would be upset, depressed, and basically refused to get up in the morning. Then three years ago, after I started tanning, I realized that I felt better, more invigorated and I mentioned it to my doctor.

She said that I get SAD every winter.  I am lucky, I only get to the point where I want to pack my bags and run away to someplace warm. But unfortunately in some cases people have actually attempted to commit suicide, or get severely depressed – all because their body is lacking Vitamin D.

Scientist’s say that being forced into a festive mood around Christmas can trigger sever cases of SAD, giving it the name “the Holiday Blues”. It follows, then, that depression can be the result among those who cannot be with family or who perhaps live far from friends whom they might share the holidays with. According to this way of thinking, the depression comes from a deep sadness of not having a place to go for the holidays.

How can we treat it ourselves? Get into the sun! Unfortunately, here we have a major lack of it during the winter months, so that is when despite how we really feel about it, people like me, should spend some time in a tanning bed. While some people feel very strongly about such treatments, when you are suffering from a very real problem that not only affects yourself but also your family families, it is a viable solution and more affordable then a trip to the Caribbean.

So if what I have said describes yourself or someone you love, find out your options, or surprise them with some tanning certificates for Christmas. They may think you are giving them the gift of beauty and meanwhile you could be saving everyone’s sanity.

Must be why I get them in my Christmas stocking every year!


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