Tributary committee meets for first time

By Marianne Curtis

The RM of Tache council recently played host for the inaugural meeting between proponents interested in the Seine River Tributary Diversion project.

The meeting, which took place last month brought together representatives from the RM’s of Tache, Springfield, Ste. Anne, Ritchot, Town of Ste. Anne, Cooks Creek Conservation and Seine Rat River Conservation.

At the meeting the group began discussions on the potential to revisit the Seine River Tributary project. Back in 2000, the municipality’s of Tache, Ste. Anne and Springfield came together to consider the construction of a new diversion that would divert water away from farmland and into the Red River Floodway. The municipality recently revisited the project after the province assured the RM of Tache that the province was prepared to provide financing if council got support from its neighbours.

The original proposal consisted of utilizing the existing ditch in the RM of Tache along the Trans Canada highway starting at the #12 highway on the north side until about 1 ½ miles from Deacons Corner. From there it would have swung north into the RM of Springfield for 1 ½ miles then traveled straight west to the floodway.

At the recent meeting, the newly founded committee determined that the next step is to draft a memorandum of understanding and that a few points be included and addressed in the document including construction of an additional drop structure to the floodway and conveyance structure to be constructed below prairie level. The group also wants to include reduction in water quantities that localize and flood areas throughout and in particular the Arnould Road & Grande Pointe areas and drains at the junction of MUN 48N & P.R. #12 have reached their capacity.

The project is also expected to address gradient changes from the Ste. Anne area to floodway are substantial and should be addressed to minimize erosion and water rushing by inserting control measures along the way. Also covered by the memorandum will be the funding formula which is based on a study performed by an outside agency to determine benefits associated to each stakeholder.

A draft memorandum of understanding is expected to be available for review by the group at their next meeting in the middle of January.



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