New Bothwell Marble win awards

By Marianne Curtis

Fresh from celebrating their 75th anniversary, New Bothwell Cheese has once again wowed the judges at the 84th annual British Empire Cheese Show.

For the sixth year in a row Bothwell Cheese has placed first at the prestigious 83rd Annual British Empire Cheese Show.

Bothwell walked away with the gold medal in the Marble Cheddar class at the international competition, which has been handing out coveted awards since 1927. The British Empire Cheese Show is one of the largest cheese shows in Canada and Bothwell Cheese has been entering the competition for the past six years.

The company has placed first in its respected category six years in a row at the show put on by the Central Ontario Cheese Makers Association.

“It’s been an incredible year for Bothwell Cheese and this award illustrates why we’ve been around for 75 years,” stated Ivan Balenovic, Bothwell president and CEO. “We have an extraordinary and talented staff who take pride in their work – it is owing to their great work and dedication that we’ve been successful in this prominent completion.”

He noted that he doesn’t think that any other company has ever taken the same award home six years in a row.

“We are excited about the win because we recognize that we do things a little different and we put a lot of extra attention into our cheese,” explained Balenovic. “With these awards our cheese makers and staffers are being recognized for what we think we are doing which is producing the best cheese in Canada – we pride ourselves in that,“

Bothwell Cheese is known for producing cheese made with completely natural ingredients, pure milk, and no modified milk ingredients. They make their marble chedder a little different than other companies because it is milled.

Bothwell Cheese took home another awards from the event. They placed second place for their Monterey Jack varieties.

The company produces and distributes more than 20 varieties of cheeses throughout Canada. Bothwell also placed second in the Medium Cheddar and Monterey Jack categories.

Over the past five years, Bothwell Cheese which used to only available locally has now expanded to sell in about 1,500 stores across Canada.


Cheese makers from Bothwell proudly display their winning cheese and awards after a sixth consecutive win at the team returns triumphant from British Empire Cheese Awards.


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