Recycling restarts in RM of Ste. Anne

As of December 3, RM of Ste. Anne residents will once again have access to a municipal wide recycling program.

Two months ago, the RM of Ste. Anne council signed an agreement with Eastman Recycling Services in Steinbach. Under the agreement the company will provide recycling services every second Saturday.  Recycling depots have also been set up in Giroux, Richer, La Coulee and near Paradise Village.

Reeve Art Bergmann says that the municipality has committed to the program for a year at a cost of about $1,000 per month. Funding for the program will come out of the general mil rate and is available to all ratepayers.

“We are going to commit to this for about a year with the idea that it will grow and to see what kind of reception it will get in the community,” Bergmann continued. “If the reception is great who knows where this program will end up.”

The RM of Ste. Anne cancelled its recycling program at the beginning of July after it realized that it could not continue to offer the service without some financial planning. The municipality was forced to come up with a better solution after residents demanded that a system be re-established.

The municipality expects to see a small cash incentive from the province as a result of setting up the program. While the municipality has received some funding in the past, it was difficult to gauge based on tonnage because there was no accurate way to measure volumes of recycling actually collected in the municipality.


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