New Bothwell Cheese celebrates 75 years

By Marianne Curtis

On November 4, New Bothwell Cheese celebrated 75 years of perfection with a mix and mingle event which celebrated decades of excellence and opening of a new 8,000 square foot aging facility.

The Manitoba-based company started operating in 1936 as a co-op in a plant built by local volunteers. From these humble beginnings grew the award-winning company that Canadians know and love today.  Bothwell Cheese now operates out of a 35,000 square-foot complex, where its staff of 60 remains dedicated to the time-honoured tradition of artisan craftsmanship.

Bothwell Cheese President and CEO Ivan Balenovic is very pleased with the success the company which he purchased nine years ago.

“Our secret is a rich heritage of artisan craftsmanship passed down through generations,” explained Balenovic. “We continue to buy our milk fresh from local dairy farmers but it’s the quality of our cheese that we’re most proud of and that remains our trademark.”

Bothwell Cheese is known for producing premium-quality cheese made with all-natural ingredients, pure milk, and no modified milk ingredients.

“What happens in New Bothwell goes everywhere,” added Balenovic.  This was evidenced recently when CKY’s show “Marilyn” which is hosted by Marilyn Dennis out of Toronto featured a cooking episode along with a prominent chef from Toronto who toted New Bothwell Cheese as the “best cheese in the country”.

The company produces and distributes more than 25 varieties of cheese throughout Canada. These cheeses include exotic flavours such as Madagascar green pepper corn, black summer truffle, and aged red wine cheese which has elevated the sale of cheddars and mozzarellas.

Another major accomplishment for the company has been its success in winning awards at the British Empire Cheese Competition.

“We have won the award for our marble cheddar 5 years in a row,” Balenovic added. “This is important because we are judged by cheese makers – we are judged by our peers and they are the best in Canada.”

Along with the mix-and-mingle the company christened its new 8,000 square-foot cheese-aging facility capable of holding 700,000 kg of cheese.




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