Ile Des Chenes couple wins hospital lotto – twice

By Marianne Curtis

They say lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice and the odds of winning a lottery two times is just as rare, however an Ile Des Chenes couple can argue that fact after winning the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation’s MegaMillion Lotto for the second year in a row.

On November 10, Diane and Gerald Hebert won the $75,000 grand prize in the St-Boniface Hospital Foundation 2011 Fall Cash Lotto. This was the second big win for the couple who took home a cool million when their ticket was drawn last March in the 2010 version of the same lotto.

“It was such a surprise for everyone at St-Boniface Hospital Foundation to see the Hebert’s ticket,” said Louis St-Cyr, Vice President of Development, St-Boniface Hospital Foundation, who drew the winning ticket from the prize drum. “Many of our ticket purchasers are repeat buyers and we have had repeat winners, but never anything like this.”

Upon learning he had won big in a St-Boniface Hospital Lottery for the second time, Gerald Hebert was in shock.

“The only way to explain it is that the Lord is good. He must be picking the tickets. We work hard and try to do what’s right,” said Hebert, whose family had supported St-Boniface Hospital Lotteries for years before their first win, and have continued to buy Lottery tickets since. “We never imagined that we would win the first time, let alone a second time. This just goes to show that anybody can win, and anybody can win twice.”

The Heberts have been married for 24 years and have three children and one grandchild, all of which were born at St-Boniface Hospital. Diane once worked as a receptionist in the Hospital’s ultrasound and X-ray department. The couple now run a family business, Line Side Electric, in Iles des Chenes.

The St. Boniface Hospital and Research Foundation Lotteries has been running for 12 years and has contributed significant revenues to support medical research and advances in patient care at the St. Boniface Campus.


Diane and Gerald Hebert stand beside the drum that contained their winning $75,000 ticket in the the St-Boniface Hospital Foundation 2011 Fall Cash Lotto.


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