Trans-Canada Pipelines supports community centre

By Marianne Curtis

On October 25, the RM of Ritchot and Trans-Canada Pipelines met to finish a deal which gives the company naming rights to the new, state‐of‐the‐art, geothermal community centre in Ile‐des‐Chênes.

In a deal cited as a first for Trans-Canada Pipelines, the RM of Ritchot was presented with a $150,000 contribution from the company which buys them naming rights to the building. Roger Perron, with the Community Development Corporation explained how the rare deal came about.

“We approached them some time ago with this idea – they have never done this before – in exchange for financial support we gave them naming rights to the hall while the building remains owned by the RM, which is something new for the municipality too,” Perron stated. “The company has been in the community since the 50’s and they have been a neighbour in the community for so long so by doing this it is a gesture towards supporting the community.”

Officially named the Trans-Canada Centre, the building was officially open for business at the beginning of October. Doors to the hall portion first opened October 4 when the centre was filled with polling stations during the provincial election.

Meanwhile construction on other parts of the structure is ongoing. The Garderie Ile des Chenes Daycare centre is getting their space set up so that they can be ready for business in the near year. The daycare was approved for 94 child care spaces, which are filling up quickly.

Perron noted that discussions are ongoing to get medical services in the building also,

“We have an interested doctor that wants to build a clinic and a doctor that is interested in working full time at the clinic – we just have to work out an agreement,” Perron continued. “We also have a pharmacist that is wanting to open a clinic in the building.”

The Trans-Canada Centre is a first of it’s kind in the province. The structure is a LEED Silver building including many energy efficient components such as geo-thermal heating. This district heating system is one of the first in Manitoba because it also connects to the IDC Arena and the RM of Ritchot Fire Hall.

Bob Stefaniuk, RM of Ritchot mayor and Ritchot Roger Perron, Ritchot Community Development Corporation accept a cheque from Steve Loney on behalf of Trans-Canada Pipeline. 


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