Ile des Chenes business goes to the dogs

By Marianne Curtis

Walking through the doors of an Ile Des Chenes business, a customer may think they are walking into a beauty salon, with the exception that customers walk on four legs, not two.

Since opening their doors six years ago, Tender Touches has seen their four legged clientele grow to six hundred due to their service which puts the animals treatment first in a non-traditional atmosphere.

Lucy Thornhill and Jane Seath who offer over two decades of experience and share the same passion for animals specialize in treating animals in their care as gently and loving as the pet owners themselves.

“We believe that dogs deserve to be treated humanely with patience, kindness, and respect,” explained Seath. “They should live and learn as stress-free as possible, protected from fear, force, and pain.  We use gentle, positively reinforcing methods.”

Their methods are well established and they welcome owners to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching Fido get bathed and groomed.

“There are so many animals that get abused at grooming facilities so owners are rarely welcomed,” Seath continued. “There is no closed door policy here – we specialize on older dogs and dogs that have had bad experiences elsewhere.”

Appropriately named Tender Touches, the grooming service is in high demand. There is a waiting list of almost a year for evening and weekend appointments. This success has encouraged the owners to expand their services to include a doggy daycare and offer obedience classes.

Studies are showing that dogs do not like to be alone, many experience distress and anxiety when alone and the longer time alone, the greater the affect,” Seath continued. “We started the daycare in June – we have room for twenty-dogs to come in for the day and wear off steam.”

Lucy and Jane’s Tender Touch Daycare for Dogs is open from 7AM to 6PM.   There is an outdoor play yard, indoor play area designed with the dogs safety in mind and even items like treadmills to offer an exercise option.

In addition, doggy obedience classes are also available. Pet owners participate in a six week program led by one of Winnipeg’s best dog experts. With the holiday season coming up, gift certificates are also available for all services provided. To find out more, contact Lucy or Jane at 878-3176.



Lucy Thornhill, one of the owners of Tender Touches in Ile des Chenes is very passionate about making sure that animals entrusted to their care are treated humanely and as lovingly as possible.





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