Antique culvert discovered in Stuartburn

By Marianne Curtis

The RM of Stuartburn council is hoping to find a good home for a piece of history that was discovered buried beneath one of the municipality’s roads a couple of years ago.

About four years ago, the RM of Stuartburn was doing some ditching near Caliento which including replacing existing culverts with new ones. While excavating near the corner of 46E and 9N near the old CN bridge, the municipal excavator made a unique discovery.

Instead of a traditional metal culvert or even a homemade one made of drums welded together, excavators discovered a well made antique oak culvert held together with steel rings.

Jennifer Blatz, RM of Stuartburn’s acting administrator says that the discovery was unique enough the municipality did some research into the rare find.

“I called some people inquiring as to when they thought it had been originally installed and I was alerted to the fact that the man who probably installed it was still living in Vita,” Blatz explained. “He worked with CN rail in the early twentieth century and I called him personally to see if he remembered exactly when it was installed and unbelievably he did – he indicated that the culvert was installed in or around the year of 1905.”

Despite being interred for a century, the carefully excavated piece is in remarkable condition. The estimated one hundred year old culvert is sitting behind the municipal office in Vita, but the RM of Stuartburn council is hoping that it will be adopted by either a museum or collector that will ensure that this unique discovery is preserved.

“It is in remarkable good shape and not something that we see very often – so far the Morris Museum has taken a piece for their displays and the reeve from Emerson has indicated an interest in taking a piece,” added Blatz.

The RM of Stuartburn invites organizations or individuals interested in preserving this remarkably sound piece of history are invited to make a request to council.



The RM of Stuartburn is hoping to find a good home for this antique culvert which has been dated as being over one hundred years old.


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