Piney cleans up dump policy

By Marianne Curtis

The RM of Piney has been working hard on establishing a number of policies and fee rates for residents using municipal landfills and now that they are complete, the new regulations are effective immediately.

One of the most significant changes comes in the form of a landfill tipping fee policy recently adopted by council to control and charge large volumes of garbage entering the dump sites.

“The purpose is to levy the fees on dumping in a way to reduce as well as to supplement the newly established dump reserve fund that will off-set future costs of waste disposal grounds construction,” stated council.

Fees range from $0 to $50 for residents and $40 to $200 for businesses depending on the size of the load and content. These fees are expected to be paid at the municipal office before the loads arrive at a particular landfill site.

The RM of Piney council also acknowledged an increase in recyclable materials bring brought into their facilities.

“This will reduce our effect on the environment, help manage costs for the municipality and put more money back into the municipality,” council noted.

One of the biggest issues that came into play while council reviewed dumping policies was the matter of sorting material coming into the sites. An incident earlier this summer forced the municipality to look at stricter enforcement after a propane tank disposed of incorrectly unexpectedly exploded.

“All waste entering the dump sites must be sorted in order to be dumped,” council stressed. “Attendants will be asking and items not sorted will not be allowed to be dropped off.”

To ensure control and proper disposal of household and commercial waste and for safety reasons, the municipality is also cracking down on unlawful dumping and landfill access.

A $500 fine will also be levied against people entering any municipal landfill site outside of regular hours of operation. A fine of $1,000 will also be levied against anyone either dumping garbage in a location that is not a landfill site.


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