Municipalities join diversion project

The RM of Tache is getting the municipal support they need to proceed with a project that would benefit residents in four different municipalities.

The municipality has established the Seine River Tributary Diversion Committee which is comprised with members from the municipalities of Springfield, Ste. Anne, Tache and most recently, Ritchot.

Back in 2000, the municipality’s of Tache, Ste. Anne and Springfield came together to consider the construction of a new diversion that would divert water away from farmland and into the Red River Floodway. The municipality recently revisited the project after the province assured the RM of Tache that the province was prepared to provide financing if council got support from its neighbours.

The original proposal consisted of utilizing the existing ditch in the RM of Tache along the Trans Canada highway starting at the #12 highway on the north side until about 1 ½ miles from Deacons Corner. From there it would have swung north into the RM of Springfield for 1 ½ miles then traveled straight west to the floodway.

The project was tabled after all parties agreed to the project except for Springfield.

While the project was first proposed back in 2000, above average water issues in areas around Ste. Genevieve and Ross brought the matter back to the forefront over the past year. The construction of a diversion along Highway #1 can be seen as a solution to a vast majority of the flooding issues that occur on the northern side of the TransCanada Highway.


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