Bethesda Hospital project retendered

South Eastman Health was forced to recently revisit the tendering process for the Bethesda Hospital Emergency Room after there was little response to tender calls.

According to John Stinson, CEO for South Eastman health, the board decided to split the tenders for the Bethesda Hospital Emergency Room construction project because there was “little response” to the initial call for tenders.

The original project includes the renovation of the main floor of the Community Services Building into a temporary Emergency room and for the actual emergency room project itself. Once the board split the tender into two parts, the response improved.

“We tendered out the renovation of the main floor of the community services building – that tender is now closed and we received six bids,” Stinson explained. The board must now discuss the tenders with Manitoba Health before a final agreement is made. Once it is approved, construction can begin.

Once the temporary emergency room is operation construction is expected to begin on the emergency room expansion within the main hospital, Stinson noted.

“A pre-qualification is expected to take place in October with the actual tender to soon follow,” Stinson added. The board hopes to see construction begin early in February.

South Eastman Health hopes that the newly expanded emergency room will be open by the fall of 2013 at the latest.

Meanwhile construction on the Ste. Anne Hospital has also been delayed by several weeks because work by Manitoba Hydro and the installation of piles has been delayed.


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