Returning students see change in Niverville

By Marianne Curtis

As students return to classes this fall in Niverville, they will be facing a few changes including seeing the entire grade six class moved to the high school.

Over the summer months, four new portable classrooms were located at the Niverville Collegiate. The huts were placed at the local high school because there was no more room on the Niverville Elementary School grounds.

Hanover School Division superintendent Ken Klassen confirmed that the division moved four new portable classrooms to the Niverville Collegiate due to lake of room at the elementary school.

“The portable classrooms were placed at the high school because there is no room at the elementary school,” Klassen explained. “We looked at the elementary school yard and realized that we could fit two or three portables at the school but there would be no playground left.”

When school reconvened in September, the existing elementary school officially became a kindergarten to grade 5 school and the high school became a grade 6 to 12 school.

This is expected to give the school division the option of creating a middle school in Niverville at a later date. The Hanover School Division has a new school for Niverville in their five year plan but it could take awhile before funding could be in place.

In order to better accommodate the younger students, one wing of the Niverville Collegiate was designated for grades 6 to 8 students in order to segregate the younger students from the older ones.

In order to smoothly introduce the students to the change, the Niverville Collegiate hosted a special orientation and welcome day for new students where only the grade 6 and 7 students were at school on the first day, which is already being done at some of the division’s other schools.


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