Landmark Foodgrains helps feed the world

By Marianne Curtis

For the past sixteen years, the Landmark Foodgrains Bank has been actively growing crops on behalf for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

The Landmark Foodgrains Bank has been active since 1995. Originally started by Frank Plett, the project has grown a crop for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank each year since that time. Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a non-denominational food relief agency. The organization is currently involved in food relief around the globe, including drought-stricken east Africa.

According to Matt Plett, one of the organizers of the Landmark Foodgrains Project, the ongoing success of the Landmark Foodgrains Project is due to the generosity of local people.

“All input costs are either donated by agriculture businesses or individual donors, and all work is supplied by local farmers,” stated Plett. “This year the project includes 90 acres of canola and 90 acres of soybeans.”

“In past years our local project alone raised in excess of $200,000 after the federal government’s matching contribution,” added Plett. “It takes roughly $2 a day to feed a person in a 3rd world country, which means that Landmark alone has been able to provide food for over 270 hungry people for a year!

Each year local growing projects including Landmark’s donate all the proceeds from the sale of their crop to Canadian Foodgrains Bank, where it is matched 4:1 by the Canadian government. So, for every $1 raised from the project, $5 goes to food relief where it is needed. Wherever possible, CFGB buys food from farmers in the affected areas for distribution.



The Landmark Foodgrains Project is one of a few grow projects in the region slated to raise money to help feed those starving in drought stricken Africa.




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