Recreation expands in La Broquerie

Another construction project in La Broquerie has kicked off now that the sod has officially turned on renovations to the agriculture center in La Broquerie.

The twenty-year old building which is currently used sparingly to house the community’s annual spring agriculture show and other functions is currently being renovated to expand its use.

According to Louis Cote, the facility will be upgrades to create a natural ice surface hockey rink, complete with dressing rooms. This rink is expected to make public skating available daily instead of the current once a week time slot.

“This project will open up a lot of ice time for our kids and our community,” stated Cote. Initially the plan was to establish an outdoor rink but this suggestion was taken instead. “This is a great idea because we can use the zamboni so we don’t have to shovel snow.”

Once the renovations are complete, the facility will be used for more than just hockey. It will continue to be the home for the local ag show, and be used to expand the community’s growing baseball program.

“We are putting a batting cage in there and with the cement floors we can use it for batting practice,” Cote added. There are also plans to add tennis courts and a walking track for people during bad weather. “We have lots of options.”

The entire project is expected to cost up to $100,000 depending on what is all included with the project. $50,000 has already been raised including a $30,000 community places grant and $10,000 from the Caisse Populaire. Construction on the rink is expected to be complete in time for the coming hockey season. The tennis courts and batting cages will become operational in the spring.


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