Eastman recycling expands to improve service

A recent investment of $400,000 into equipment at Eastman Recycling promises that the organization will not only improve service but also increase intake volumes.

Manager Jake Giesbrecht says that the organization recently purchased a new baler and two new recycling packer collection trucks.

“Our old bailer was too slow – the new bailer can put out up to twenty bales per hour,” Giesbrecht explained. The $300,000 machine pushes out a completed bale weighing up to 750 kgs, which is double the previous size. “The heavier the bales are the better because it allows us to have a full trailer when we leave the yard each day.”

Eastman Recycling Services provides residential and commercial recycling services in the City of Steinbach and several southeast Manitoba communities. The services are provided by a t4each of clients from Envision Community Living and staff, to pick up materials, sort them by product and type, bale them for shipping and sell it to customers all over north America.

The new trucks recently purchased to replace the old truck and trailer units are already in use and working well.

“They can handle more material and are much safer for the crew because all the work is done between the truck and the curb not in traffic lanes,” Giesbrecht added.

Other improvements are expected to be undertaken in the future. An increase in material is pushing the organization to look at automation along the sorting line at some point.

Over the past few years, Eastman Recycling Services has collected over 303 million kg of materials per year which is enough to fill 160 semi-trailer trucks.

Eastman Recycling has added two new trucks to their fleet that will improve serve and safety for workers.


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