Music students fundraise to help other kids

By Marianne Curtis

Local students participating in Music for Young Children have once again successfully collected enough pennies to raise $2,659.41 for the Fire Fighters Burn Fund in Manitoba.

According to Marilyn Unrau, Coordinator for Manitoba/NW Ontario, the group of students that participate in the program took part in “Pennies for Practicing”. The Burn Fund – which focuses on burn prevention and education, as well as improving the quality of life for burn survivors – was chosen as the recipient because of the character “Fireman Fred”, the name given to represent the F key on the piano.

“This international event was held throughout North American has raised $26,354.56 since 2005,” explained Unrau.

From Lorette, Arlene Schulz, Music for Young People teacher says she is proud of her students for both their dedication to practising and helping other children in the process.

“This is a huge accomplishment from our music students,” added Schulz. “Some of the students collecting money for other kids were only three years old.”

To raise the money, sponsors were sought and asked to pay the student one penny for every minute of practicing done over a period of four weeks.  In many cases the teachers matched the funds raised by the students.

As reward for their hard work, the group was invited to join a 32 member choir that sang both national anthems at a recent Winnipeg Goldeyes game.

Music for Young Children is a program that teaches small groups of adults and children music skills and includes piano instruction, singing, rhythm ensembles, sight reading, ear training, theory and composition.


Left to right.  This group of eager fundraisers learned to practice their music while supporting the Firefighter Burn Fund. Rebecca Ronald from Grande Pointe, Gabrielle Thomas, Domain, and Emilie Vachon, of Ile de Chenes;  along with Tatyana Tymchen & Carmen Tymchen of Landmark, and Katarina Hein from Ste Anne hang with Goldie at a recent Winnipeg Goldeyes game.



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