Ste. Anne celebrates Community Park

By Marianne Curtis

In the middle of May, the community of Ste. Anne joined the four local schools celebrate the completion and grand opening of the SPADE playground project.   On May 19, a special program took place behind the Ecole St. Anne Immersion to celebrate the completion of the million dollar project.

The SPADE Foundation (School Partnership for Active Daily Enjoyment) was created in 2003 to develop a recreational park for the community of Ste. Anne. Thanks to support from countless volunteers, the community and the provincial and federal governments, the $1 million dream has been realized.

Louise Hingley, with Ecole Lorette Immersion is excited about the completion of the project and subsequent celebration.

“The field that was once covered with low spots and puddles, is now green, levelled, and even has a few low berms to sit on,” Hingley recalled. “Now the fields are high and dry and park benches have been installed.”

Over the past eight years the group raised and invested over $650,000 to complete the project in various stages. A walkway connecting the four schools in Ste. Anne, was built along with beach volleyball court, fitness stations, baseball diamond, paved walking, skateboarding, jogging, and a biking path that is lit up at night year round.

“We want to send out a heartfelt thank you to Joanne Brunel who led this project from start to finish and dedicated several hours to complete this mission,” added Hingley.

The $1 million project was completed through a partnership with the Town of Ste. Anne, Ste. Anne Soccer, École Pointe des Chênes, École Ste. Anne Immersion, Ste. Anne Elementary, Ste. Anne Collegiate and Garderie Petits Amis Daycare.


The project would never have seen completion without the hard work of this group of dedicated volunteers.



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