Flood forecast concerns Ste. Genevieve residents

By Marianne Curtis

It has been a quiet few months in Ste. Genevieve but spring flood forecasts have started to raise alarm bells for area residents, many still waiting for answers after last years’s flooding.

Last year, several residents from the Ste. Genevieve area started asking theRMofTachefor help but little was actually achieved. Carmen Allard, spokesperson for the group says that residents are hoping that this spring will be different.

”We are back in full swing in our efforts with regards to the water issues in our area,” stated Allard.  “With the recent provincial forecast of massive flooding in the spring we are ramping up and are back on track putting pressure on the RM and provincial officials to get the lead out.”

Issues that have been raised by the group include insufficient drainage and wrong sized culverts. Beavers and plugged ditches in addition to two soil companies allegedly pumping water out of their dikes are also causing problems. She added that last summer after heavy rains a few of the road remained impassable for several weeks.

“Due to extensive road closures our emergency vehicles are having to make up to a 9 mile detour to reach properties that are less than a mile away from the fire hall which in turn could cost a resident their home or worse yet a loved one,” stressed Allard. “This is not acceptable.”

Despite calling meetings, talking to Cooks Creek Conservation District, the municipality and several government officials, the residents in Ste. Genevieve remain frustrated.



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