Winter carnival returns to Ste. Anne

By Marianne Curtis

It has been a few years since the community of Ste. Anne has hosted a winter carnival and this January the event is returning in full force.

For three days, the community of Ste. Anne will play host to the return of the annual Ste. Anne Winter Carnival. The once annual event is taking place on the last weekend of January after a five year hiatus.

Nicole Bedient, is helping organize the return of the annual event which kicks off on January 28.

“This year the Ste Anne winter carnival with the support of the Community Development Corporation is hoping to make a comeback,” stated Bedient. “The Knights of Columbus has a good thing going but they had to let it go – there was not enough support.|

The Knights of Columbus and the Comite Culturel de Ste. Anne organized the first community winter carnival back in 1999 on the last weekend of January. The weekend event is notorious for being a fun filled with music and great food supplied by the Knights of Columbus along with children’s entertainment that celebrated the traditional French roots.

“I remember the fun, the laughter and the warmth generated in the big tent back in 2006 – that was the last one that was held,” recalled Bedient. “The problem was the lack of volunteers and the same people doing it all every year to the point of it being too much for the few that were organising it.”

Bedient says that the committee that has taken on the carnival planning this year is hoping to encourage people to step forward and volunteer their time and participate in the events return.

“Let’s welcome it and become a part of it by asking how we can help, what we can do and who else we can invite,” Bedient says. “Something good is happening in Ste. Anne so why can’t we share it and get involved.”

The Ste. Anne Winter Carnival is making its official return on January 28 to 30. The bulk of the activities will be held at the curling rink, arena and Seine River Banquet Hall. A Social evening with Biivvers Rock & Roll dance band (40s to 80s music) on Saturday night, friendly snow sculpture competition, kids’ zone, rides, face painting, races, games, breakfast on both days, traditional meals and a host of activities are being planned for the weekend.

Anyone wishing to volunteer or can help in any way can contact Nicole at 422-5908 or  880-8488 or email: for more information.

Along with the return of the Ste. Anne Winter Carnival comes the return of the annual snow sculpture contest. Those wishing to participate can order a block of snow by contacting theVillageofSte. Anne. Sculptures must be complete by January 24 to qualify for the contest.


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