Stuartburn settles with Franklin

The RM of Stuartburn has finally settled an ongoing issue with theRMofFranklin.

At the beginning of December, the RM of Stuartburn council resolved to notify their municipal lawyer that they will accept an offer to settle from the RM of Franklin. The exact amount of the settlement was not released.

   The lawsuit stems back nearly a decade when theRM of Stuartburn received a $200,000 funding commitment of Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure funds to complete approximately six miles of ditching along the inter-municipal road divided by PR #201. This amount accounted for two-thirds of the project, with $100,000 to come from the two municipalities.

However, when the RM of Franklin was requested to cost share the project at $50,000 they returned with a counter offer and a proposal to add another 2 miles of ditch so that the water can be diverted to the Roseau River.

Stuartburn eventually completed the project but without any financial contribution fromFranklin. The matter ended up in litigation.

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