St. Malo Coop gives back to community

By Marianne Curtis

The St. Malo Coop has issued a challenge to customers in an effort to raise money for projects within the community. Customers fueling up at the gas bar will be pumping money directly into community projects.

According to Rene Robidoux, St. Malo Coop Manager the profits made from fuels sales will be used to develop a community grant fund for St. Malo and surrounding communities.

“TheSt.Malo Coop is always looking for avenues to give back to the community,” explained Robidoux. “We are running this pilot project for one year to see if community members are up to theTEAM St. Malo Challenge.”

He says that The TEAM St. Malo program is one that could build a community grant to benefit to assist many community organizations. These profits will come from the Coop shares and not affect individual memberships, he says.

“The more gas purchased the larger the community grand fund,” Robidoux adds.

There are three projects that will benefit from the challenge. Some of the money will go towards St. Malo Arena renovations, the Garderie des Bambins Coop Inc expansion project and the St. Malo Church renovations.

Lucie Maynard, President, Garderie des Bambins is grateful that the Coop is taking a leadership role in the community.

“They are giving us a chance to make a community positive choice every time we fill our cars, trucks and ATV’s,” stated Maynard. “We are very thankful that a new way has been found for our community to RALLY together to create something that we all be proud to call our own.”

The money will go into the fund based on how many litres of gas is sold. For example, if 800,000 litres of gas is sold, .04 cent per litre goes into the fund and the grant would about $2,000. If 3,000,000 litres is sold, the donation goes to 1 cent per litre making the donation $30,000.

TheSt.Malo Coop Gas Challenge kicked off December 1, 2010 and will run until December 1, 2011.

St. Malo Co-op is giving back to the community in a unique way.

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