St. Adolphe Bridge slated to reopen in spring

By Marianne Curtis

After a number of construction delays, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation is trying to assureRMofRitchotresidents that they can anticipate that thePierreDelormeBridgein St. Adolphe will be reopened in the spring.

In December,RMofRitchotresidents were updated by the province on the status of the reconstruction at the St. Adolphe Bridge. The bridge was originally closed in August 2009 after support piers shifted. In early 2010, the province fast tracked the project financially and construction commenced in the spring. However high water levels affected the project and the fall opening date was pushed back until spring 2011.

Ron Weatherburn from Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation assures residents that the project remains a top priority with the province.

“Construction completion was originally scheduled for the end of 2010 but this year’s unusually wet weather resulted in high water levels on theRed River,” Weatherburn says. “Due to factors beyond our control important parts of the reconstruction were not able to go ahead as scheduled.”

In preparation for continued construction, the contract for the last portion of the reconstruction project has been awarded to MD Steel.

RMofRitchotmayor Bob Stefaniuk says that it was “unfortunate” for residents who are faced with another winter of driving in roads that are considering dangerous in winter.

“Everyone was looking forward to having the bridge open at the end of December after being out of commission for sixteen months and now it will be eighteen months,” continued the mayor. “It will be another winter with potentially dangerous driving conditions along PR 200.”

“As long as the weather cooperates I expect the bridge to be reopened by March 2011,” continued Weatherburn. Additional roadwork will continue over the summer but residents will be able to use the bridge during that time.

After weather delayed the fall completion on the reconstruction of thePierreDelormeBridgein St. Adolphe the province is anticipating the project to be done by March.

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