Future of St. Adolphe Nursing home on agenda

By Marianne Curtis

The Board of South Eastman Health has a lot to consider after recently meeting with Niverville Holdings, the current owners of the personal care home in St. Adolphe. The health board recently meet with members of the Niverville Heritage Center Board to discuss the future of the St. Adolphe Nursing Home. It has been a year since the Niverville Heritage Center Board they purchased the aged facility along with the beds.

Gord Daman, spokesperson for the Niverville Heritage Center Board says that theHeritageCenterpurchased the forty-two beds within the facility.

Daman explained that his board would like to construct either a 60 or 80 bed personal care home as part of theHeritageCenterbut they still need to get approval from South Eastman Health. The board has offered to shoulder all the costs associated with the construction and set up of the personal care home as long as Manitoba Health takes over the operating costs.

South Eastman Health Board chairperson Aurele Boisvert says that he is confident in the competence of theNivervilleHeritageCenterboard and he is pleased to see them spearheading this project.

`However we must first consider the impact that this will have on the region as a whole’` says Boisvert. `We can not ignore the fact that a personal care home in Niverville would benefit Winnipeg RHA.“

In addition Boisvert recognized with at a time that health care costs are rising and this project is a unique way to address the sustainability of the health care system.

The health board promised the group to make a decision after considering all the issues. It was noted that the province will make their decision to allow the beds to be moved based on the recommendation of South Eastman Health.

The St. Adolphe Nursing home has been in operation for over thirty years in the old convent alongMain Streetin St. Adolphe.  Speculation on what will happen to the old convent once the beds are relocated the possibility of a major renovation project that could turn the facility into a condominium.

The future of the nursing home beds in theSt.Adolphe Nursing Home is still in question.


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