La Broquerie council denies allegations


By Marianne Curtis

   The RM of La Broquerie council has officially denied allegations that they obtained private information regarding the employment of a previous employee without her permission and leaked it to the media.

   In a statement issued October 6, the RM of La Broquerie council publicly released their response to an investigation launched by the Ombudsman back in August. The investigation was launched after Lori Wood made a complaint alleging that the municipality and the reeve obtained and leaked her private information to a local radio station.

   The municipal council responded by saying that they have never obtained Lori Wood’s contract from the District of Stewart, British Columbia and therefore could not disclose a document that the Municipality never possessed, says the statement by council.

   Furthermore, the municipality says that until the District of Stewart contacted them looking for Wood after she did not come to work, the RM of La Broquerie was not aware that she was working there.

   “The Municipality was only aware that Lori Wood was on a paid leave of absence supported by a doctor’s note,” stated the municipality.

   An email provided by the RM of La Broquerie backs up the municipality’s claim.

   “Reeve Marielle Wiebe arid I discussed timing of Lori Woods employment with the District of Stewart on a couple of occasions, but at no time did the District of Stewart ever forward any information about Lori Wood’s employment contract or any other information from her personnel file,” stated the letter from Angela Danuser, Mayor of the District of Stewart. “At no lime was there ever a request for such information, if there was, this request would have gone through the formal freedom of information process.”     

   The RM of La Broquerie also denies allegations that the reeve was not in conflict of interest in relation even though she was named in the complaint yet she participated in the in-camera discussions.

    “There are no money issues benefiting any member of council and no conflict of interest issues exist,” stated council.

   The RM of La Broquerie council is still waiting for the Ombudsman to conclude this particular investigation.


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