Giving Circle established in Steinbach


Seventeen ladies including Karen Toews, Bev Dueck, Sherril Reimer and Angela Dyckhave already joined the Chrysalis Fund which is a giving circle so that women can become involved with philanthropy in the community. 

By Marianne Curtis

   A new group recently established in Steinbach is expected to bring women together in a new philanthropic venture through a not for profit giving circle.

   The group, which is calling itself the Chrysalis Fund by Debbie Krahn and Simone Penner was organized to bring women together to learn about their community and philanthropy.

   Penner says that giving circles are a new venture in the world of philanthropy that offers women the opportunity to create a powerful force for change.

   A giving circle is formed when women come together and combine their money into a shared fund. They decided together were to give the interest earned from the fund and learn about their community and philanthropy. So far, seventeen women have joined the group.

   “It involves women who may not consider themselves philanthropists to explore the potential to give in a creative manner,” Penner explained. “It is a low key commitment that hopefully will entail lots of fun.”

   The Chrysalis Fund hopes to meet twice a year to review and celebrate the impact granting has made, receive feedback from the organizations they’ve funded and to learn about new opportunities to give.

   To participate in the giving circle, members are expected to provide a minimum financial contribution.

   “We felt that if we set the contribution level at $1000.00 it would feel like a special philanthropic opportunity as opposed to just another charitable contribution,” added Penner. “Some members have decided to donate to the fund this year instead of buying Christmas gifts and we have also received gifts to honour someone’s birthday.” She noted that anyone can give to the fund without becoming a member.

    For the next five years of The Chrysalis Fund will also get support from the Winnipeg Foundation. The Winnipeg Foundation has set out a project which provides giving circles some granting money. The first year it matched 50% of the capital up to a maximum of $5000.00.  Then it will decrease the matching grant by five percent each year in hopes that by the end of five years The Chrysalis Fund will have enough of its own capital to earn a sizable amount of interest to donate. 

   Anyone women Interested women can make contact by emailing

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