Students play hockey for Breast Cancer


By Marianne Curtis

   October was officially breast cancer awareness month and the students in St. Pierre took to the streets for the cause.

   On October 21 the high school students from St. Pierre Collegiate took over Hebert Street and set up a makeshift rink for the 3rd annual “Best for the Breast” street hockey game. The annual event which was organized by students and teachers alike raised over $1,700 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. 

   Sandra Gratton, vice principal of St. Pierre Collegiate is very proud of her students and staff.

   “This would not have been possible with out all the hard work of the two
students, Cecilia and Destiny, who initiated the project as well as the
rest of the leadership class,” stated Gratton.

   Students and staff were challenged to see who could raise the most money and the top fourteen fundraisers earned the right to participate in the street hockey game which consisted of three intense matches. The fun did not end there.

   “Two rogue students started a campaign during the game to raise $125 to shave Mr. Thorvaldson’s head,” Gratton furthered. “In a last ditch effort Allan Main and Eric Gendron also volunteered to shave their eyebrows and legs to encourage more donations.”

   There was also a silent auction inside as well as hot chocolate and candy bars for sale, all as fundraisers.

   Gratton says the school is grateful to the community, businesses and the many people that donated money towards the cause which all helped make the event a big success.


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