Stefaniuk stunned by upset

By Marianne Curtis

   While the RM of Ritchot mayor was able to sit back and watch the recent municipal election from the sidelines, the ending result has left his shocked. When the final ballot was counted, every single incumbent councilor was replaced by a new candidate.

   Bob Stefaniuk was the only member of council that will serve another term after he was acclaimed as mayor for the RM of Ritchot.

   “The outcome of this election surprised me,” stated Stefaniuk. “I thought that some change could happen but I wasn’t expecting the change so be so extensive.”

   The RM of Ritchot’s new council consists of Elmer Hywarren, Ernie Dumaine, Jackie Schwark and Jeannot Robert. Robert went uncontested while the previous three unseated incumbent candidates Valerie Rutherford, Maurice Leclaire and Moe Tallaire.

   “This is all part of the democratic process, the voters wanted a change and they got it,” Stefaniuk continued. “Mrs. Rutherford and Mr. Leclaire, are both dedicated individuals who made significant contributions to the municipality in the years they served on council.  However, the voters collectively wanted a change and they have it.”

   Stefaniuk is optimistic that everything will work out all right despite the newness of his counterparts.

   “From what I have seen of the new council, I am confident that everything will work out alright,” Stefaniuk predicts. “I believe that a new council, in many ways is an asset to the community because everyone is eager and enthusiastic.”

   Stefaniuk added that he feels privileged and honoured to once again to serve as mayor of the municipality.


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