Members of writers group launch books


Three local authors Kim Rempel , Sabrina Kehler, Violet Moore share the spotlight as their release their self-published books at a release party that took place at the Jake Epp Library.

By Marianne Curtis

    Avid readers in the region have three new selections to chose from after three women that belong to the same book club recently launched their individual books.

   On October 20, authors Kim Rempel, Sabrina Mae and Violet Moore celebrated the publication of their literary efforts at an event hosted at the Jake Epp Library in Steinbach.

   “The book launch was shared between me and my two author friends,” explained Rempel. “Each of us launched a book and there was a great turnout and it was lots of fun.”

   Rempel, who used to write for the Dawson Trail Dispatch has penned “Beauty in Darkness” which is a collection of poetry that reflects day to day issues she has faced throughout her life.

   “Each poem became a snapshot of my perspective at that time,” says the Steinbach native. “About a year ago, I assembled the collection and realized, “Whoa! This is my testimony!”

    What makes these ladies unique is that they all belong to the Steinbach Inksters, a Christian writing group that was formed by Rempel and Moore two years ago. As members of the group they work together by supporting, critiquing and inspiring each other while pursuing individual dreams.

   Moore who released her novel “Whimsical Edna” thought that the launch was awesome.

   “We had three authors sharing the limelight, the time and our work,” recalled Moore. “There was no sense of competition, just a delight that we had helped each other to arrive at this place, to be able to present our work.”

   Based on the author’s mom, the novel tells the story of Sanguine Edna who seeks to enjoy life, no matter what comes across her life’s path. 

   The third author to share the spotlight was Sabrina Mae who released a children’s book called “Visit to the Seashore”. The story is about a little girl who visits the seashore in her back year with nothing more than a kiddie pool, toy sailboat, puppy and her imagination. The brightly colored book is not only entertaining but it also teaches children how to count to ten.

   “I wrote this book before coming to the group, but the group has helped me to try to market my book,” added Mae. “I also like the close knit atmosphere there, the fact that we can all get some feedback from our writings.”

   All three books are available at various local business throughout southern Manitoba and copies can be signed out at the Jake Epp Library in Steinbach.


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